Seniors ~ 2016

Senior year seems like such a distant memory now, even though it’s only been about a year and a half ago. So much happens as we make the transition from childhood into adulthood, that we almost become completely different people as we begin to finally find our footing in the real world–and that’s not a bad thing. College and high school can be rough, so here’s a few tidbits from my own experiences…

My advice for high school seniors and college freshman:

  1. Stay calm. Yes, you are making a ton of (probably) life-altering decisions right now. However, within the next year you’re more than likely going to experience things that will change your mind and your “15 year plan” (don’t laugh. I had one, and I know some of you out there do too) is going to go right out the window–AND THAT’S OKAY. You’re probably definitely better off for it, and your direction in life will become more clear and you stumble your way through the first year and a half of college. So even though things seem rocky, don’t panic, there is light at the end of this thing.
  2. Don’t stress about friends. This and the last one kind of go hand in hand. Your closest friends this year sadly won’t be your closest friends next year. This isn’t just me being cynical, everyone is growing up, changing, finding their way. It’s just bound to happen that you will grow apart as you’re finding yourselves and that you will grow closer to others as your paths cross on your way to your future. Who knows, maybe your old friends’ paths will cross with yours again someday (hint hint, they will; so don’t get yourself down about it).
  3. Love yourself. Please, just take care of yourself. Eat healthy even though that means cutting up carrots instead of ordering french fries. Go for walks at 5am just to clear your head. Sit down with a mug of black coffee or chamomile tea and read something you enjoy. Use quiet moments to center yourself in whatever way you need. Forget about wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music, or reading the right books. When you’re stressing about your 8am Biology exam at 1am the night before, with tears streaming down your cheeks because you’re not sure you can do this, remember that you can. Remember that I am rooting for you, and so are your parents, friends, and even your professors. Everyone knows you can do it, you just have to believe it yourself.

This stage of what I’ll call “pre-adulthood” is one of the most topsy turvy times in your life, but if you just hang on, the ride will be worth it.


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